Christian Kraatz was born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic in 1980.

His artistic skill have been highly influenced by German painter Kai Simon. Christian was also a member of Kunst-Kombinat.

After five years of collaboration he focused on his personal projects and worked as a freelance photographer.

Since 2009 he is living and working in London. He concentrates on the subjects identity, home, belonging and friendship.

In 2010 he founded 3is3identity a platform for artists displaying their diverse approaches to the topic identity.

Christian also travels regularly between the UK, Germany and Israel/Palestine.

Professional Experience
2014 We Refuse To Be Enemies, travelling exhibition in Palestine, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nablus
2013 We Refuse to be Enemies, Willy Brandt Center, Jerusalem(Il) and Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv(Il)
2012 3is3Identity, Gallery Arbeit, Heimat, London (UK) 3is3Identity, Ubiquitous Grounds, Strand Gallery, London (UK)
2011 Gallery Arbeit, London (UK) Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare (UK) 3is3 Identity, Hannover (GER) Identity Street Gallery, London (UK)
2009-2011 Freelance Photographer in London, 3is3 Identity, London (UK)
2007-2008 freelance photographer and assistance in Hamburg/GER
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Portfolio 2012/2013
Portfolio 2012/2013

Current projects

We Refuse To Be Enemies - book project
Tent of Nations

Back on my feet
Back on my feet

We Refuse To Be Enemies - exhibition
Willy Brandt Center
Goethe Institute